Detecting Pet Urine In Your Carpet… And What To Do When You Find It!

Fluff the Piddling Puppy
Detecting pet urine in carpet with black light

I just left a friend's house and they have the cutest puppy... and a big problem in their basement with carpet we just installed 7 months ago.

Fluff the pup loves to tinkle inside. Fluff is an anxious pup and the move into this new house was a bit much for him.

"Oh, don't worry, it's only a couple spots" my friend told her husband. But her husband suspected more. I went there with a black light and showed them the ugly truth.

Fluff the pup had tinkled in over 15 spots.

"So what do we do now?!?" my friend asked, exasperated. I joked with her husband about finding a new home for Fluff and he laughed a bit too earnestly for my friend. But then I told her about enzymatic odor killers like Nature's Miracle... and I reminded them what a GREAT decision they made when they chose the best padding I have for the new carpet. It's anti-microbial and has a moisture-proof top layer so Fluff's "stuff" didn't work its way into the pad (or the subfloor). All we need to do is take care of the urine in the carpet, carpet backing and on top of the pad.

So here's what I told them to do:

  • Find the spot.
  • Pour the Nature's Miracle around the outside of the spot 3-4 inches from the outer edge. When I say "pour", I mean SATURATE it. Then continue pouring until the whole inside of the ring you just made is soaked.
  • Put a fan on the spot and make sure it's at least 70 degrees in the room.
  • Leave the fan on until it's completely dry. The enzymes will actually digest the organic material that makes the smell and attracts the peeing perpetrator.
  • Repeat until all spots have been treated.

Now, this is a polypropylene (olefin) berber with some nylon accent fibers and soaking it is completely acceptable. Double check the type of carpet you have before doing this.

I also suggest getting the whole room cleaned after doing this intensive odor treatment.

In my friend's case, this is going to take some work, and Fluff will no longer be allowed back in the basement, but it will work.

I hope this helps you and feel free to email with any questions!

All the best,


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